“Hendrix And Handel”: Biopic?

Hendrix_and_Handel_houses,_Brook_StreetIn a row of elegant Georgian properties in London, two adjoining houses each proudly bear an English Heritage blue plaque. We learn that the eminently respectable George Frederic Handel lived at 25 Brook Street from 1723 until his death in 1759. Next door, at No 23, the plaque announces that this was where Jimi Hendrix, the wild man of the electric guitar, lived from 1968-69. It would be wonderful if someone could make a time-travel movie about these two musicians. Not bloody likely, however, since Hendrix’s sister won’t allow any sexuality or drug use in depictions of her brother. Would you want to see a movie about Hendrix without sex or drugs, or, for that matter, a movie about Handel that skirted the fact that he was probably gay? I wouldn’t!

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