Italian Minister Miffed By App

italyministerAccording to eturbonews, ‘Italian Tourism Minister Michela Vittoria Brambilla (pictured; can you imagine an American cabinet officer dressing like that?) is not very happy with iPhone’s $0.99 travel application “What Country,” developed by Belarusian developer Apalon. In fact, the minister is so livid, that she is threatening a lawsuit against responsible parties. Why? Because she finds the description of Italy, provided by the application “offensive.” So, how does iPhone app “offend” the minister and Italy? It describes the country as the land of “Pizza, Mafia, Pasta and Scooters.” Hmm… Well, perhaps Michelangelo and Cellini should have been mentioned, too, along with pizza and Mafia, but, according to the AppStore, the application is a “light-hearted and funny view of the world.”’

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  1. From the look of her, the last thing Brambilla could possibly possess is a sense of humor.

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