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Italian Minister Miffed By App

According to eturbonews, ‘Italian Tourism Minister Michela Vittoria Brambilla (pictured; can you imagine an American cabinet … Read more »

Quotation Of The Day

“I have a rule of thumb for such clerics and have never known it to fail: … Read more »

7-Year-Old Rapper On “Ellen”

Storm Chaser Roger Coulam

These images show the work of Roger Coulam – the UK’s best extreme weather photographer. Adrenaline … Read more »

Top Chef Slams Top Chef

A usually-restrained Eric Ripert (left) took to Twitter this morning to pan Gordon Ramsay (right), noting … Read more »

James Franco Picks Some Poems

James Franco (shown in the current release “Howl” and Oscar-buzzed for “127 Hours”) may be thought … Read more »

Christians Courted For “Secretariat”

Disney has sometimes been the target of Christian groups for things like Gay Day at Disney … Read more »