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Celine Dion’s Twins: Nelson Eddy

Celine Dion has named her new twin boys Nelson and Eddy. She explained that Nelson is … Read more »

Why I Loathe Harold Pinter

I’ve been an avid consumer of Antonia Fraser‘s lively royal biographies since childhood, so I’m sure … Read more »

Halloween Pet Costumes

What Causes Food Allergies?

Note to my enemies: My most lethal allergy is to whole olives. But I didn’t have … Read more »

Steve Couldn’t “Just Criticize Myself”

Stephen Sondheim, whose new book, “Finishing the Hat,” should be on your must-read or at least … Read more »

Animals Celebrate Halloween, Too

A male orangutan named Tuan gets his teeth into a pumpkin at the Hagenbeck zoo in … Read more »

Lisa: Cynical Of “Gay Martyr” Movie

Lisa Chodolenko, the director of “The Kids Are All Right,” may be cynical about the “gay … Read more »