LW Was Right: Meryl To Do “August”

juliaaugust-roberts-7-201x300merylauguststreep1I told you! The reason it’s taken so long to announce a cast for the movie version of “August: Osage County” is that they were waiting for Meryl Streep to say yes. And while they were waiting, Julia Roberts jumped on board, too. The movie, based on Tracy Letts’ prize-grabbing Broadway play by way of Chicago, will be directed by John Wells and start production by next summer. This means that Miss Meryl will have two golden opportunities to grab that third Oscar: her biopic of Margaret Thatcher, which begins filming imminently, and the drug-addicted matriarch of “August.” As for those purists who say that, at 61, Meryl is too young to play the 68-year-old character: in Hollywood terms, she’s too old!

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