“Let Me In”: Stephen King Says “Go”!

Since Halloween is wafting thick in the crisp autumn air, and seasonal costumes stores are popping up as obnoxiously in my neighborhood as street fairs (which sell the same crap on every avenue in Manhattan all spring and all fall: this is New York, we don’t need culinary variety, if that’s what you call Belgian waffles and grilled corn). Okay, where was I? Right: Halloween is in the air, which means horror movies are being released relentlessly. Let me tell you something, or, rather, let Stephen King tell you: “Let Me In” is ‘not just a horror film, but the best American horror film in the last 20 years.’ Got that? The flick didn’t scare up much business last weekend; check it out, before it dribbles away. And if you don’t like putting up with the texting and talking and overall rude behavior of cinemas, then make a note to buy the flick when it’s released.

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  1. “Let Me In” is at the tippy-top of our DVD purchase list, rest assured.

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