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BAM Ratings Go Bam For Jon

President Barack Obama’s visit to Comedy Central’s The Daily Show — which has set up shop … Read more »

Naughty Bake Shop Opens

I don’t know why this bakery is being billed as “the world’s first 18+ cake shop.” … Read more »

Gaga’s Meat Dress Recreated

You knew it had to happen: someone has recreated Lady Gaga’s meat dress for Halloween. The … Read more »

The Juice Cleanse: Strange, Green

The New York Times says that half of Hollywood is on the juice-cleanse diet. Actually, Hollywood … Read more »

Today On Oprah: “Sound Of Music”

This afternoon, turn off the Judge Judy for a change! Or at least, set your DVRs … Read more »

San Fran Flies Its Freak Flag High

Isn’t it just too fitting that the Giants make the World Series during Halloween season? The … Read more »

Mikhalkov: Ever More Right-Wing

Russian director Nikita Mikhalkov (pictured), who has made two or three of my favorite movies (“Burnt … Read more »