Why Bristol Palin Is Still “Dancin'”

bristol6a00d83451c45669e20133f5934ced970b-550wiThere’s no question that Bristol Palin is the worst celebrity dancer on the current season on “Dancing with the Stars.” Why, then, is she still hoofing even though she’s almost always at the bottom of the judging? Duh! Because this show is a popularity contest, and the Palinites around the country think that “she’s trying so hard, just like her mother.” When Sarah Palin values start dominating the arts, it may be time to check your supply of sleeping pills.

One Comment to “Why Bristol Palin Is Still “Dancin'””

  1. Sarah Palin exemplifies the flotsam that floats to the surface of the raw sewage that is too much of our political system. I’m really not in general one of those disgruntled former hippies (though I am that specifically), but if I’d known that someone like Sarah Palin would be taken seriously–let alone be considered a likely candidate for national office–I would have moved to Paris. Instead, I live in New York, which is largely immune to this kind of grotesque stupidity. What I dread most (well, almost) is the prospect of EVER having to listen to her strident, metallic, toneless voice, let alone more than once a year. Or–God forbid–every day!

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