L.A. Phil Announces HD Broadcasts

Reading the news today that the L.A. Philharmonic, led by Gustavo Dudamel (a name that sounds like a sauce you might find in a Diana Kennedy cookbook), has jumped on the live HD-broadcast bandwagon, I started thinking: Have I ever seen a fully satisfying live broadcast of any of the performing arts, even in HD? Answer: No. Why? The reason I still go to musical concerts is for the live sound, which broadcast cannot match. The reason I go to theatre is in part for the audience, which, I’m sorry, is not as lively at a canned event. And the reason I go to ballet is, in part, to stare at women’s bodies and men’s butts. HD doesn’t capture that, either, not really.

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  1. Does it occur to you that these HD broadcasts are good for those of us unable to attend the performances? I can’t get to L.A. or NYC for the season so it is nice to have these as the next best thing.
    I agree that nothing can compare to live but we take what we can out here in the stix…
    Indeed, that is why I come to LW.

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