“Battle: Los Angeles Trailer

Vulture reports: ‘The words “realistic” and “alien-invasion movie” might not make a ton of sense placed next to each other right now, but that may be because you have yet to see the first trailer for Battle: Los Angeles: This thing, admirably, wants to be the Saving Private Ryan of the genre. How has no one done that before?! Set on the gritty streets of L.A. as the alien hordes come flying in, it follows a marine unit as they try to stave off human extinction. The platoon is led by Aaron Eckhart, although he’s MIA in the trailer; Michelle Rodriguez and Tom Brady’s baby mama do make appearances, alongside a kind of Terminator-without-the-human-skin looking alien. (It’s a very brief shot, we could be way off on that.) There’s an onslaught of alien-invasion projects on the horizon, but the slant on the genre that Battle is now bringing to the table has our interest particularly piqued. Fun fact: Internationally, this movie is called World Invasion: Battle LA.’

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