“The King’s Speech”: New Thoughts

Saw “The King’s Speech” again last night, this time at the Museum of Modern Art as part of its Film Department’s “Contenders” series: movies from 2010 which the staff thinks deserve special recognition. With “Speech,” I was struck again with how beautifully directed the movie is. You may think that, once you cast Colin Firth as King George VI and Geoffrey Rush as his speech therapist, Logue, all you have to do is stand back and let the cameras roll. But I assure you that it’s much more complicated than that. The director, Tom Hooper, who was at the MOMA screening and talked informatively afterwards, is establishing himself as the finest director of English-language historical stories on the planet. (He also did HBO’s “John Adams” miniseries and the “Elizabeth I” project for the same network.) “The King’s Speech” is released in a few theaters at the end of this month. You’d be a fool not to see it!

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