Oscar Holds Foot-In-Grave Awards

Hkg4273464Like an American Presidential election, an Oscar campaign requires potential contenders to press the flesh ever earlier. Case in point: last night’s honorary Oscars ceremony. You know, the statuettes given to Not Dead Celebrities, a shindig that should never have been uncoupled from the regular Oscar cast, because after hours of looking at Nicole Kidman‘s chopped-up face and Jack Nicholson behind sunglasses it was a relief to see that Deborah Kerr or Greer Garson were still alive. Anyway, the honoraries were held last night, honoring such as Eli Wallach (pictured, left), and this year’s competitive crop — Natlie Portman, Jesse Eisenberg, etc — as well as some actors who don’t have a prayer in hell — Hilary Swank, aka the Bening Buster — crashed the affair, too.

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