Harmonious Charles & His Gay Lover

PRINCE-CHARLES-HARMONY-largeWhile the mainstream media this week are talking about Prince Charles’ wonky new book, “Harmony: A New Way of Looking At Our World,” the supermarket tabloid The Globe has the real dirt: Charles is “shattered” because his mother, Queen Elizabeth, has named Prince William the next king — bypassing poor Charlie. This story is pretty silly, and it makes me very disappointed in The Globe. Why? Because the previous issue of the rag published a royal family story that did have a grain of truth in it: “William Bans Charles’ Gay Lover” from the upcoming royal wedding. The banning wasn’t the reliable news item; Charles’ gay side was the reliable news. Although it’s hardly news to anyone who’s known the intimate details of the royal family for the past, oh, forty years or so. P.S.: All of you who scoff at the supermarket tabloids should remember two words: John Edwards.

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