“The King’s Speech”: A Must-See

Many of the mainstream movie reviewers (Anthony Lane in The New Yorker, Manolo Blahniks in The New York Times) are getting all toffee-nosed about “The King’s Speech,” which opens today in New York and Los Angeles. Don’t believe a word of what they’re saying! This is one of the most enjoyable movies of the year. Colin Firth is Oscar-bound, and Geoffrey Rush is even more vivid in the film, if that’s possible. I notice that Rush is making Firth do the promotional dirty work for “The King’s Speech,” at least stateside, including the above appearance on Letterman.

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  1. Mr. Rush is busy rehearsing for “Diary of a Madman” on stage at Belvoir St Theater in Sydney, Australia. I believe he actually started rehearsal late as he was trying to do what he could for the film. The landmark play that he is reviving, performed in ’89 and the early ’90s and co-adapted opens on December 4 (see the website below). I’m sure that being part of a great team and a great project is very important to both Mr. Firth and Mr. Rush, and they are both willing to do what they can for their projects.


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