Hathaway, Franco To Host Oscars

hathaway-franco_320What do I think about James Franco and Anne Hathaway hosting the Oscars? I’m not crazy about a likely nominee (Franco for Best Actor) acting as host, though Hugh Jackman hosted the Tonys the year he won. But Franco was a sporting host on SNL, and I’m sure he’ll cheerfully go through whatever hoops the Oscar ceremony’s directors want to put him. As for Hathaway, her nomination this year (Best Actress; for “Love and other Drugs“) was looking mighty shaky, and her agreeing to host looks like a shameless ploy to get herself a nom. But, like Franco, she’ll be game. And, let’s face it, both hosts are attractive. As for the idea that they’ll pull in younger viewers? I doubt it. If the Academy wanted to be that shameless, they’d have asked Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson to host.

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