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“The Break of Noon”: My FT Review

Here’s what I thought of Neil LaBute‘s new play, “The Break of Noon,” now playing off-Broadway. … Read more »

Hathaway, Franco To Host Oscars

What do I think about James Franco and Anne Hathaway hosting the Oscars? I’m not crazy … Read more »

Whitney’s Daughter Drunk

Unfortunately, when your parents are Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, you have a greater chance of … Read more »

“Rock With You”: A Cappella

Here’s a tune to get you out of the house today: an a cappella version of … Read more »

Wikileaks Nazi Diplomacy Parody

PBS: Hip New Fashion Show

New York magazine reports: Alexa Chung (pictured) gets the Times Style Section treatment this weekend, and … Read more »

Where Was This Photograph Taken?

No, this is not some CGI-generated still from the upcoming big-budget movie version of “The Hobbit.” … Read more »