Lea Now Free To Do “Funny Girl”?

Remember that televised audition for the 2012 Broadway revival of “Funny Girl” that Lea Michele gave at this year’s Tony awards? The day after, “everyone” was saying that there was no way she could do a Broadway show so soon because she was so locked up by “Glee.” Guess what? Now that the show’s creator, Ryan Murphy, has announced that he plans on replacing the high-school cast of “Glee” when they graduate in 2012, Michele may have a way to get back on the Great White Way. The actress, meanwhile, is insisting that she’s stayin’, she’s stayin’ on the show no matter what. But staying on the show no matter what could just as easily mean an occasional drop-in cameo from whatever university or drama school her character is attending, leaving Miss Lea free to return to Broadway.

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