Is Netflix The Antichrist?

antichristMV5BMjE3MjQ2ODc1N15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNjYyMzI5Mg@@._V1._SY314_CR7,0,214,314_On the same day Netflix announced a deal to stream television episodes from ABC, T.V. executives gathered in New York to bemoan the advantages of their entertainment competition. “I know certain CEOs think of Netflix as the antichrist, and others embrace it as the second coming,” said Les Moonves, the CEO of CBS. The fact is that Netflix makes watching an old movie very easy: two clicks on your computer screen and it’s done. And with more Internet-friendly TVs being purchased these days, that two-click approach can give you what you want on the big set. That said, I’ve been a little disappointed since I re-joined Netflix to take advantage of the instant-access feature to find that a lot of my favorite movies (“The Philadelphia Story,” “Tootsie”) are still not available.

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