“True Grit” Gets NY Times All Hot

TRUE-articleLarge-v2Back in the day, the New York Times (chiefly, critic Vincent Canby) could be relied upon to sing hosannas to each new Woody Allen film, regardless of its merit. The Woodman has long since lost his luster for Times’ critics; now the guaranteed-rave slot has gone to the Coen Brothers. So it was absolutely predictable that the newspaper would jizz for their “True Grit.” I haven’t seen the film; I may, but I’m not running. You?

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  1. I like FARGO quite a bit, and sort of like NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN (it’s not exactly a likeable movie), but *that’s it* for the Coen Brothers, who made one of the worst movies I’ve EVER seen (and I’ve seen about 200,000 movies): BARTON FINK. I’ve never made it through that movie, and I tried three times. I need to see a “remake” of TRUE GRIT like I need to see a lesbian version of A SINGLE MAN.

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