Broadbent: Meryl Can Do Maggie

meryl_streep_margaret_thatcher_10_a_lSome of my Brit friends scoff at the notion that a colonial could conceivably play Margaret Thatcher with any believability. In other words, they don’t think that Miss Meryl Streep will be able to pull off doing the P.M. in “The Iron Lady,” which begins shooting in January. But Streep’s co-star, Jim Broadbent, who’ll play Maggie’s dog-loyal husband, Denis, disagrees. (And it’s a good thing he does, otherwise the first day on the set would be mighty frosty!) Broadbent says: “”Years ago a film about Thatcher was attempted, and they had a phone-in vote on a BBC morning news program: ‘Who do you think should play Margaret Thatcher?’ And Meryl actually came out on top! I think it’s perceived that Thatcher needs a star, really, and [Meryl]’s perfect casting in many ways. She’s got a good look, and she’ll absolutely do it in a brilliant way.” My feeling: at least the director, Phyllida “Mamma Mia!” Lloyd, didn’t do the obvious thing and cast Helen Mirren in the role.

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