Anna Nicole Smith: The Opera

HOWARD-J.-MARSHALL-AND-AN-007Anna Nicole Smith was the waitress who became a Playboy pin-up and the wife of an elderly billionaire (pictured), before dying penniless at 39, the bloated laughing stock of reality TV. Her life was a soap opera. And now composer Mark-Anthony Turnage has turned it into a real one. And it ain’t premiering in Podunk but at the Royal Opera House in London.

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  1. Anna Nicole Smith? Really? An opera celebrating a gold-digging, drug-addled, famous-for-being-famous disaster of a human being, who surrounded herself with sycophants who cared only about themselves, and who ultimately succumbed to her demons, leaving 2 innocent children in her wake seems a smidge…wrong, IMHO.

    by noodlemonkey on January 4th, 2011 at 12:45 pm

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