Haggard Can’t Leave The Spotlight

ted-haggard_240Well, it makes sense: the network that has been bringing you Sarah Palin‘s “reality” show has now signed up Ted Haggard for a one-hour special. Both P and H are sanctimonious liars whose promotion by a network known as The Learning Network is so dripping with irony that it’s not worth analysis. Haggard — you know, the basically gay guy who had an affair with an escort, Mike Jones, before going into a kind of gay “rehab” and proclaiming himself “cured” after less time than it takes to drive from Colorado Springs to Wichita — talks a lot about acceptance and the love of Christ while demonizing behavior that psychiatrists have long since classified as normal. If Haggard is so devoted to his family then why doesn’t he just go away rather than drag them back into the spotlight?

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