Cage’s “Witch”: So Bad It’s Good?

season-of-witch-460According to the Chinese calendar, 2011 is officially the year of Nicolas Cage. The first full week of 2011 brought us “Season of the Witch,” followed close behind by next month’s “Drive Angry.” In “Season of the Witch,” Cage plays a crusading knight who finds himself in a mysterious town plagued by disease, believed to have been caused by a witch’s spell. Is “Season of the Witch” worth seeing? Does Nicolas Cage act as bat-shit crazy as usual, only this time in chainmail? I wish I could tell you, but the box-office returns over the weekend were so meager that I doubt the flick will be in theaters past Thursday, and since I’ll be hunkered down inside to avoid the impending New York blizzard, I’ll have to file my report once “Witch” casts its spell on DVD.

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