Vick To Strip Club; Brady To B’way

vick1294756531mike_vick_skripclubbrady_cover__1258427394_2760LemonWade devotes itself to covering entertainment, and nudie dancing certainly qualifies — at least when it’s performed tastefully and well. So I feel I’m well within my rights to bring you this story of how Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick drowned his sorrows after losing Sunday’s game to the Packers: he went to a strip club and spent one hour in its VIP room. Use your imagination. Or don’t use your imagination, since Vick is engaged and I don’t think his girlfriend would like anyone to imagine just what went on in there. Meanwhile, the NFL’s other top quarterback, Tom Brady, whose team is still in the hunt, chose a more respectable brand of entertainment: he and wife Giselle took in the Broadway play “Lombardi.”

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