Has iTunes Ruined “Abbey Road”?

Beatles_AbbeyRoadS_1791184bThe Telegraph wonders: ‘Since the Beatles signed up with iTunes, you can download individual tracks from their albums. You may start to question the band’s reputation for creative genius, however, should you download the Abbey Road classic, She Came In Through The Bathroom Window. It starts mid-beat with the guitar outro from Polythene Pam and ends with clumsy abruptness before the sublime segue into Golden Slumbers. It sounds horrible and ridiculous, because it has been artificially extracted from side two’s (now there’s a quaint notion) seamless medley that weaves together ten songs, building with operatic grandeur to the band’s gorgeous, emotional farewell to their public, The End (also available to download as a 2 minute 20 snippet). The medley really needs to be heard in full, in order, just as its creators intended.’

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