Clint To Helm Beyoncé: “Star Is Born”

eastwood-knowles-split-2011-c-l_0So Clint Eastwood is going to direct the latest incaration of “A Star Is Born,” with Beyonce in the Janet Gaynor/Judy Garland/Barbra Streisand role. Eastwood’s too experienced a director for this project to be dismissed before seeing the final result. Still, since when has Eastwood, himself a gifted jazz-type musician, shown himself to have sensitivity toward the “Star Is Born” genre of story? I guess “Bird,” Eastwood’s study of the troubled life of jazzman Charlie “Bird” Parker, is the closest Clint’s come.

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  1. —‘STAR” is done-to-death and always given to stars
    hitting middle-age. What’s going on here?


    ‘daring maverick icon’ Eastwood has been caught fronting
    a whole string of skilfully demoralizing POST American,
    Globalist-think/RED China ‘eugenics friendly’ pictures.
    THINK ‘Million Dollar Baby’ ‘Mystic River’ the IWO trilogy
    etc. etc..

    ALL this while deftly balking his own link, such as it
    was, to the awesomely relevant 60th Anniversary of the
    KOREAN WAR last year. AGAIN, think ‘RED China friendly’.

    This ‘STAR’ with its unnaturally young primetime star
    will. no doubt, be used to program us ever so seductively
    into the coming (—FAST coming) mainstreaming of
    ‘suicide culture’.


    The also coming Jolie/Cameron ‘Cleopatra’, still another
    snuff film retread is —–up to the same.

    AGAIN –think ‘eugenics friendly’.


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