Hoosiers Dominate The News

While the wider world is fixated on Egypt, and the entertainment-news junkies are pondering Annette Bening‘s announcement that – shocking! — she’s voting for herself in the Oscar race and are trying to disregard the announcement that Kathy Griffin is coming to Broadway, truffling after a Tony (rotsa ruck!), I have been thinking about Indiana. Why? Because Entertainment Weekly’s new cover trumpets: “101 Reasons To Love ‘Parks and Recreation.'” I don’t know if there are that many reasons to like this NBC show; I watched it once and laughed not at all. But I do wonder if EW is right to advance, as one of the reasons, that “Parks and Entertainment” is the Best Show About Indiana Ever! Is there much competition? How many network shows have there been about the Hoosier state? I have many Hoosier friends, so maybe one of them will enlighten me. In other Indiana news today, there’s a controversy in Fort Wayne, because the local citizenry, via the Internet, have said that they want a new public building named after FW’s former, beloved mayor Harry Baals. The current Deputy Mayor, however, has responded “Balls!” I hope that the citizens prevail, just as they seem to be in Cairo.

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  1. ET is wrong (again), the best show about Indiana is THE MIDDLE, hands down, which airs Wed. nights at 8 pm on ABC. Laugh out loud funny, a traditional sitcom starring Patty Heaton as the mother of a quirky middle class family and as a bonus, her eldest son, Axl, (played by Charlie McDermott) usually sits around the house shirtless. Funnier than Modern Family which follow later on ABC, and which has hogged the spotlight for some strange reason, foremost of which seems to be having a (shock) straight guy play gay! (Although Jesse Tyler Ferguson is adorable.)

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