11 Questions About The Grammys

Arcade-Fire-won-Grammys_3201) Where was Jay-Z?
2) Does Streisand really think that brown’s her color?
3) Does she really think that “Evergreen” is a good song?
4) Why isn’t the G-rated version of Cee-Lo’s hit song “Eff You” rather than “Forgive You”?
5) Was Gwyneth‘s black body suit a covert audition to play Catwoman?
6) Wasn’t it great that Arcade Fire (pictured) knocked off all the megastars?
7) Do you have to be from Kansas to like Lady Antebellum?
8) Can you believe that Rihanna’s red-carpet dress was so banging and her performance outfit so lame?
9) Is Bruno Mars the second coming of Motown?
10) After such a long absence from the stage, couldn’t Dr. Dre have gotten more than a few seconds’ performance time?
11) Wouldn’t the Grammys benefit from FEWER performances?

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