Does Your Pulse Race Over This?

*Feb 01 - 00:00*05_Flatbed_WEBAs a kid, I waited salivatingly for each year’s SI Swimsuit issue, mostly to see which of the photos my mother would find too salacious for her children’s consumption and thus tear out. (I just went to the public library and looked at them there.) Now, when I look at a new version, as I did this morning, I still understand what gets guys’ hormones racing, but the cover photo looks incredibly awkward. I mean, what woman ever cavorts on the beach in that position? Plus, the photo is so digitally enhanced that the model, Irina Shayk, looks more like a fembot than a flesh-and-blood female. I’d rather see her in real life, where I suspect she would be more likely to set my heart fluttering.

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