Who Should Play Signor Berlusconi?

jack-nicholson-picture-1Berlusconi-2010-1Once upon a time, Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi gave his blessing to a biopic being made about him. It was to be called “An Italian Story.” Now that this giver of “bunga bunga” parties has been indicted in his homeland, I doubt whether he’d be so quick to give his imprimatur to any big-screen project. Some kind of movie, however, even if a cheesy one for TV, is inevitable. Who should play the big man? Alain Delon‘s name has come up. Pacino is a good enough actor to do the part, and De Niro’s name could get the project financed, although DN has been phoning in his performances lately. I vote for Jack Nicholson. What he lacks in Latinity he makes up for in leering.

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