Style Drama: Who Will Natalie Wear?

NATALIE-PORTMAN-GOLDEN-GLOBESAs the whole world knows, the red carpet now trumps the actual awards-giving on Oscar night, because most of the winners are accurately predicted in advance. But here’s one juicy thing we don’t know in advance of Sunday: what will Natalie Portman, highly preggers and expected to mount the podium steps to pick up Best Actress, wear to the event? Portman is the new face of Dior. That label’s designer, John Galliano, has just been arrested in Paris for assaulting a couple with anti-Semitic slurs. Portman is Jewish. She will be the first Jewish-on-both-sides Best Actress winner since Marlee Matlin for 1986. So here’s the multi-million-dollar question: will Portman dare to wear Dior? The luxury label has moved to squelch the controversy, by suspending Galliano. And my fashion friends tell me that Portman was probably going to wear Rodarte anyway, since they did the costumes for “Black Swan.” Still, this story is a lot more fun than who’s going to win on Sunday: except for Best Supporting Actress, we can guess all the major winners already with some certainty.

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