The Poetic World Of Charlie Sheen

charliecartoonenhanced-buzz-9941-1299010298-10Charlie Sheen admitted to ABC News that he isn’t broke but could needs money; even though he signed a new contract in May making him TV’s highest-paid actor at $1.2 million an episode. “I’m not [broke] but I was kind of counting on some of that money to get me through the summer,” he said. “Now I’ve got to, like, work. But that’s alright. Work’s good. Work fuels the soul.” (Charlie’s sayings have been repurposed as captions to New Yorker cartoons.) The only thing less surprising than he spends all his money like a drunken sailor (more so; eventually, drunken sailors have to go back to sea) is that, as Sheen revealed in the same interview, Mel Gibson has “reached out” to him in his hour of need. By the way, my favorite among the Sheen’s many poetic utterances this week has been: “Resentments are like the rocket fuel that lives in the tip of my saber.” William Shatner should recite that to a bongo beat.

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