“SNL” Star Makes Anti-Gay Digs

GLEE-JACKSON-largeI find it more sad than enraging when former semi-celebrities try to regain the spotlight by making bigoted remarks. I’m talking about former “Saturday Night Live” star Victoria Jackson (left), who went on a homophobic rant about a recent kiss on “Glee” (right) in a new column for the conservative WorldNetDaily.com. Outrage can be funny in a comedy club where the performer, if skilled and witty, can play off the audience reaction. Outrage is pathetic when it takes the form of screeds on a website that is, by the way, partly backed financially by Kelsey Grammer, who was happy to become a multi-millionaire off the backs of his considerably gay staff on “Frasier” and who is happy to mince about Broadway as a gay character but whose money then goes to sponsor a platform for homophobes. Show business needn’t be monolithically liberal, but bigotry is bigotry.

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