Presenting: Justin Vivian Bond

justinbondcdtumblr_lhx00mJkHq1qgmosqo1_500justinbondtumblr_lhx00mJkHq1qgmosqo1_500Among the many highlights of last night’s GAYFEST gala, benefiting the Harvey Milk School, was the performance by Justin Bond. The performer, I learned today from Michael Musto, is now referred to as “V” instead of he/she or him/her. And V has V’s first solo album, “Dendrophile.” And V’s performance name is now Justin Vivian Bond. At last night’s benefit V, as LW’s friend Jackie Jacobus pointed out, was wearing an especially stunning pair of red pumps. Also at the benefit, Wanda Sykes revealed that her two-year-old twins call her wife, who’s French, “Maman” but call Sykes, who’s black, “Mammy.” Sykes said this could pose problems at Sykes family reunions.

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