New Miss Marple: Will She Have Sex?

jennifergarnerJTM-0542912EW reports: ‘Disney is bringing Agatha Christie’s venerable detective Miss Marple back to the big screen, but this won’t be your father’s — or your grandfather’s — Miss Marple. EW has confirmed that, as first reported on Deadline, Jennifer Garner (pictured) will play the amateur sleuth in a new take on the character. In Christie’s 12 Miss Marple mystery novels, which she began publishing in 1930, and numerous television, film, and radio adaptations over the decades, Miss Marple has always been depicted — most famously by Margaret Rutherford in four films in the 1960s, Angela Lansbury in the 1980 movie The Mirror Crack’d, and Joan Hickson in a string of BBC TV movies — as an elderly spinster in a small English village who, underneath her sweet-old-lady exterior, is a flinty and formidable crime solver. (Christie said she based the character on her own grandmother.) But in casting Garner—and hiring Mark Frost, who co-created Twin Peaks with David Lynch, to write the screenplay for a Miss Marple reboot in a contemporary setting—Disney clearly intends to blow the dust off the character and give her a youthful and modern spin.’

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