Garner As Miss Marple: A Travesty?

jenn-marple_1859474bYesterday I brought you the news that Jennifer Garner will be playing the beloved Agatha Christie sleuth Miss Marple in a reconceived, relocated-to-America version. Hearing the report, I had the same doubts as everyone else: when you take away Miss Marple’s trademark grey curls (worn by Geraldine McEwan, right), her penchant for tweed, and the delicious implausibility of a woman of her age and station solving crimes in the first place (not to mention the absurdly high murder rate in an English hamlet, a ridiculousness surpassed only by the village-homicide rate on “Murder, She Wrote”), what are you left with? But after reading this screed from an English writer taking colossal umbrage (how dare the United States sully our icon?) at the new project, I’m tempted to cheer: Go, Jen, go!

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