Does 3D Work For The Artsy Stuff?

giselle_main“If I look back over the 60 or so films I have made so far – let’s say I started all over again – there is not a single one would I would do in 3D.” That’s Werner Herzog speaking. He has a new documentary, however, shot in 3D, called “Cave of Forgotten Dreams.” Like Herzog, I tend to be a slight 3D skeptic. It’s indubitably great for “Avatar” and “Alice in Wonderland,” but for artier fare? Hmm. Take the Maryinsky’s new 3D ballet film of “Giselle.” (Take it, please!) THe Maryinsky’s artistic honcho, Valery Gergiev, is excited about 3D, but continues, “I have to be honest with you – some of [Giselle] looks even better than it does in the theatre, but some of it doesn’t… but it is altogether a positive experience and an important major step.”

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