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10 Movies You Ought To Love…

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“Camelot”: In Short It’s Simply…Not

Is there a major cable-TV miniseries that doesn’t start this weekend? “The Kennedys,” “The Killing,” “The … Read more »

Does Marriage Matter Any More?

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Sheesh! Gary Coleman Raps!

“The Kennedys”: What The Critics Say

The controversial production “The Kennedys,” starring Greg “can you believe the hairpiece?” Kinnear and Katie Holmes … Read more »

Garner As Miss Marple: A Travesty?

Yesterday I brought you the news that Jennifer Garner will be playing the beloved Agatha Christie … Read more »

“Bette And Joan” To Bow In London

Michael Riedel — the gayest straight man on the New York theatre scene — recently reported … Read more »