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Your Weekend: LW Recommends

Movies: Herzog’s “Cave of Forgotten Dreams” sounds like something that will show up eventually on the … Read more »

Karl Lagerfeld’s Chocolate Room

Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld has just done a photo shoot in a hotel room made entirely … Read more »

Royal Wedding Song: Revolting!!!

Same Photographer, Different Kate

Mario Testino, the photographer who did the official portrait of you know who, has just done … Read more »

Revolution In Tunisian Style

The New York Times reports: ‘According to the Tunisian Economic Commission, the textile and garment industry, … Read more »

Republics, Not Monarchies: Fine Art

An English writer notes, quite rightly: ‘Art does not flourish in monarchies, or to put it … Read more »

Better News For Private Manning?

The Pentagon has confirmed that WikiLeaks suspect Army Pvt. Bradley Manning — you know, the guy … Read more »