Irons Meets von Bulow At Cricket

Jeremy Irons — you know, that wonderful actor who looks like an aging heroin addict and sounds like an advertisement for cigarette smoking — gave an interview about his new TV series, the more-popular-than-both-The-Killing-and-The Kennedys “The Borgias.” Irons talks about the time he ran into Claus von Bulow, whom he played to Academy Award winning perfection (the award he should have won for “Dead Ringers”) in “Reversal of Fortune.” Irons said: ‘I was sitting watching the cricket, and I heard this voice behind me saying, “You see—I’m not fat!” I turned round and said, “I never said you were fat. I used to do interviews, and I said you were bigger than me. Well, you’re a bigger man than me.” He said, “Do you hear from Alan Dershowitz?” and I said, “No, actually. Since the movie I haven’t heard from him.” And so [von Bülow said], “I understand he’s representing Michael Tyson and Leona Helmsley.” I said, “Yeah, I read about it.” [He replied,] “You haven’t been asked to play either of them, have you?” And I said, “I thought Mike Tyson might be beyond my range, but I’d have a crack at Leona.”.’

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