“War Horse”: Get Your Tickets Now!

I make it a rule not to turn on the television in the morning. I get plenty of news from the Internet, so I don’t need the TV to tell me who’s zooming whom in the world. Plus, there’s something so passive about TV watching and I’d rather kick off my day in a more active way. That said, I did catch the segment on “CBS Sunday Morning” about “War Horse,” which opens this week at Lincoln Center Theater. (Video here.) Here’s a stern reminder to all readers of LW: Get your “War Horse” tickets now! Once the reviews come out on Thursday night (and for once it won’t matter what the New York Times’ Ben Brantley, for whom “War Horse” is sentimental, thinks of a play, because the word-of-mouth is so good), it will be even harder to score a seat. And, no, “WH” won’t be on discount any time soon.

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