Your Weekend: LW Recommends

Television: Last Sunday’s episode of “Upstairs Downstairs” was a complete letdown (you don’t introduce a major character in Episode 2 of a three-show arc and immediately kill her off) but I’ll watch the final installment on Sunday. Movies: A team of wild drag queens couldn’t drag me to see the new Madea movie. Of the animal-themed fare, “African Cats” looks better than “Water for Elephants.” Books: Tina Fey, author of “Bossypants,” is not the new Elaine May; she’s the new Nora Ephron — a mixed blessing. I’m re-reading Soseki’s “Kokoro,” one of the greatest novels of modern times. Sports: I’m still reeling from the Rangers’ collapse the other night. Can the Knicks scratch out a Friday-night win against the Celtics? Music: Speaking of the Knicks, “Gonna Take A Miracle,” the classic Laura Nyro CD, just won’t vacate my iTunes rotation. The only thing with a chance of dislodging it is Emmylou Harris‘s new album. Finally: Get crazy and dye some Easter eggs. Paas rules!

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