Your Weekend: LW Recommends

Go on: give yourself permission to focus on something other than Obama/Osama. Consider: Movies: Or rather don’t consider: “The Beaver,” Jodie Foster’s infelicitously titled movie starring Mel Gibson and a puppet. Jodie and Mel together again in bed! Only seventeen years after “Maverick.” Television: HBO Presents Lady Gaga at Madison Square Garden on her Monster Ball Tour. First airing Saturday, repeated ad nauseum for days. I’ll stick with the Sunday finale of “The Amazing Race.” Books: I’ve been enjoying “Good Stuff,” Jennifer Grant’s short and sweet memoir of her father, Cary Grant. Sports: It’s nice to see Kobe and the Lakers get whomped, I just wish it were by someone other than the Mavs. Go Thunder! Music: Take a break from “Glee” and Adele with k. d. lang’s new CD, “Sing It Loud.” Finally: Don’t forget Mother’s Day.

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