Reader Abhors Judge Judy

Last week, I posted a video in which Judge Judy bullied a young woman into crying. This prompted a LW reader to send me a long, rambling diatribe against JJ. I won’t share all of it, only this part: “Judge Judy regularly makes little nasty comments about the federal government. Yet Judy, who makes at least $30 million a year, got a whopping tax cut under Bush and Obama. Meanwhile, she criticizes litigants who receive federal disability. Hypocrite!”

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  1. The difference is Judge Judy shows up and works. Over the years we’ve seen hundreds of able bodies litigants scamming the system and creating multiple babies when they can’t afford to support the ones they’ve got. I’m a Democrat and I support having a safety net for those that truly need help…but I’m sick of the losers who scam the system and use my tax dollars to take a permanent paid vacation.

    by CourtViewer on May 12th, 2011 at 12:59 pm

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