Oprah Rides Off Into The Spotlight

Let’s not pretend that Oprah Winfrey is riding side-saddle off into the sunset, even though she is hosting her farewell show next week. (They were taped this week.) She now has her own — OWN — network, which I watched once by mistake. And she’ll undoubtedly be making as many public appearances as usual. But her spot on the lower end of most people’s remote dial is now history. I can’t say I’m sorrowful. She’s done many wonderful interviews over the years, and improved lots of people’s lives. But her messianic streak has grown more mega over the years: playing the Messiah is her brand, just like playing the Bully is the brand of the woman who finally knocked her off in the ratings: Judge Judy. In the case of both women, my initial fascination turned to boredom. Being locked in a cell with either one would be torture.

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