More Grumpy Blather From Mamet

Next month, the world will have the opportunity to be reminded what a whingeing right-winger David Mamet has become: a speech he gave at Stanford a couple of years ago, in which he sang throatily from the neo-con hymnbook (blasting taxes, denouncing affirmative action, attacking playwrights to his left) will be published as part of Mamet’s new book of essays, “The Secret Knowledge: On the Dismantling of American Culture.” One observer comments: ‘The book marks the terminal point of a years-long conversion from left to right that Mamet-watchers (there are quite a few of these) have long suspected but hadn’t quite confirmed. It’s part conversion memoir, part anthropology, part rant, part steel-trap argument—the testimony of a highly intelligent man who has wrenched himself from one sphere and is now declaring his citizenship in another, very loudly.’ How long before Mamet is hired by Fox News?

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