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Funky Dance To Daft Punk

You Thought Li-Lo Would Lie Low?

Did you really think that the first thing Lindsay Lohan would do after being released from … Read more »

Pop-Up Nightclubs

NY Times says: ‘By day, Jobee, an unassuming Taiwanese restaurant on Howard Street, just east of … Read more »

Seagull Steals Video Camera

Spacey Triumphs As Richard III

Kevin Spacey, who long ago cornered the market in oily schemers, has opened to unsurprisingly strong … Read more »

Founders Not Fundamentalists

Simon Schama takes aim at the “history” lessons being given by Palin, Bachmann (see parody above), … Read more »

“Friends With Benefits” + “Strings”

A mash-up of two of the year’s most cynical movies, each with a similar premise. At … Read more »