Banksy Exhibits With War Boutique

Banksy — you know, the guy whose paintings are de rigueur on every pop star’s living-room walls — has been paired with an emerging urban artist working under the moniker War Boutique for an exhibition which opens on Thursday. The elusive graffiti artist, whose film “Exit Through The Gift Shop” was nominated for an Oscar earlier this year, is now reportedly back from Los Angeles where he had been leaving his signature stencils on billboards and walls. Paranoid Pictures, a play on the Paramount Pictures film logo which substitutes a mountain of cocaine for the ubiquitous mountain, is among the collection of Banksys on display. This appears to be a barbed reference to film company’s role in producing Exit Through The Gift Shop. Other Banksys on offer include Custardised Oil (pictured). These works topically compliment that of War Boutique, whose textile pieces are a comment on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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