The Pornification Of Salander

An Indiewire writer comments: ‘I have officially become angry at the latest poster to appear online for “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.” This one as you can see shows Rooney Mara with her breast exposed. The previous ones had Daniel Craig’s hand over her clearly naked boob, but this one goes all the way. It’s risque enough that people have been labeling it NSFW (not safe for work).’ And further: ‘It just doesn’t seem to me to be in keeping with her character. Lisbeth is deeply private. She’s been assaulted, she’s been treated like crap by everyone who was supposed to take care of her. If she were a real person I would think she would kick the ass of the photographer who asked her to take her shirt off in public for a photo shoot. I’m pretty sure she would never even participate in a photo shoot, but I know I’m taking it a little far with that last thought.’

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