Last Night I Met President Obama

And it was memorable. Thanks to my friend Rod Carter, I attended a political fundraiser in New York for the President and his party. Before his speech, we had the pleasure of meeting him backstage and having our picture taken with him. (I’ll post that photo in the near future.) I expected him to tower over us in height. I expected him to be handsome. I expected him to be warm. And he was all of those things. I let Rod do the talking for us. I was afraid that anything I said would come out wrong. I wanted to say: “Thank you for your service,” the way the Prez thanks men and women in uniform. (And don’t forget: he is the taxpayers’ public servant.) But I said nothing. Was it a lost opportunity to laud him or criticize him for one of his policies? Perhaps. But I have to say last night, whatever my occasional disagreements with his positions, I was a fan. And happy to be so.

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